A Quick Guide to Counter Spam and Scams

Do Not Tremble, Do Not Fear! – A Quick Guide to Spam Opposition
Use the obvious – Phone Directory 2.0
Prior to counteracting such fraudulent entrepreneurship it is imperative to identify the perpetrators. The online phone directories should be your first step on the way, although, dubious call centers may avoid being listing in these directories. Nonetheless, this steps is a matter of mere seconds.

You Are NOT Alone! – Share Your Knowledge!
Solidarise in Blogs and Forums! A lot of people have the same problems and some may have already found solutions to theirs. Don not hesitate to ask for advice! Although it may seem as if the authorities remain idle, you can always approach the officials, after all, they are meant to help you! The British ICO creed is to uphold the information rights in the public interest just as the German Verbraucherzentrale, in accordance with its name, is supposed to help the consumer in word and deed. In most cases, it requires a considerable amount of complaints in order to make the network operator disable the number completely.
The default summons, however, are a different matter. As long as they are not of legal nature they are best to be ignored. Scammers will naturally refrain from a probable lawsuit. But at the end of the day, you are always wise to consider every source of knowledge at your disposal to gain advantage over the scammer.

Don’t Wait Till the Lawyer Rings Your Bell…. Ring the Lawyers First!
If you partook in a contest or sweepstakes is actually of little interest. More important is to keep calm! Do NOT let them frighten or intimidate you, that only leads to you paying them. Even if they threaten with a lawsuit you would be wise to remember that the claimant carries the burden of proof. Furthermore, do not overestimate the weightiness of lawyers and debt collection companies since their are nothing but service providers who may act on the behalf of their clients but know little of their clients own machinations. Although it might proof rather difficult to actually charge a fraudsters hiding abroad, there are ways to make their lives a little nasty. For instance, you can inform their banks, yet just another service provider, of their clients fraudulent activities. The same is applicable for lawyers and debt collection companies as well.

Know your Allies – ICO, TPS and OFCOM
The ICO, TPS and OFCOM are meant to help you! Use them! Every complaint shortens the lifespan of the spam phone number dramatically. Who is going to report them but you? You have first hand experience with the caller’s intentions, share them with the authorities! Only then they will become active. File as many complaints as you can to accelerate authorities actions.

Contact the TPS.
Contact ICO.
Contact OFCOM.

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